Hello, my name is Nuthan Munaiah. I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Software Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am advised by Dr. Andrew Meneely. My research is in the area of software engineering and software security, specifically, in the development of metrics that have the ability to predict vulnerabilities.

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Contact Information

Department of Software Engineering
Golisano Building, Room 1570
134 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5608
nm6061 (at) rit (dot) edu +1 (401) 286 2053 GitHub LinkedIn


Journal Articles
Do Bugs Foreshadow Vulnerabilities? An In-depth Study of the Chromium Project
Nuthan Munaiah, Camilo, Felivel, Wigham, Wesley, Andrew Meneely and Meiyappan Nagappan
Curating GitHub for engineered software projects
Nuthan Munaiah, Kroh, Steven, Cabrey, Craig and Meiyappan Nagappan
Conference Papers
Assisted Discovery of Software Vulnerabilities
Nuthan Munaiah
[Preprint] Natural Language Insights from Code Reviews that Missed a Vulnerability: A Large Scale Study of Chromium
Nuthan Munaiah, Benjamin S. Meyers, Cecilia O. Alm, Andrew Meneely, Pradeep K. Murukannaiah, Emily Prud'hommeaux, Josephine Wolff and Yang Yu
[Preprint] Who Added that Permission to My App? An Analysis of Developer Permission Changes in Open Source Android Apps
Daniel Krutz, Nuthan Munaiah, Anthony Peruma and Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer
[Preprint] A Domain-Independent Model for Identifying Security Requirements
Nuthan Munaiah, Andrew Meneely and Pradeep K. Murukannaiah
Workshop Papers
Beyond the Attack Surface: Assessing Security Risk with Random Walks on Call Graphs
Nuthan Munaiah and Andrew Meneely
Vulnerability Severity Scoring and Bounties: Why the Disconnect?
Nuthan Munaiah and Andrew Meneely
Darwin: A Static Analysis Dataset of Malicious and Benign Android Apps
Nuthan Munaiah, Casey Klimkowsky, Shannon McRae, Adam Blaine, Samuel A. Malachowsky, Cesar Perez and Daniel E. Krutz
The Impact of Cross-platform Development Approaches for Mobile Applications from the User's Perspective
Iván Tactuk Mercado, Nuthan Munaiah and Andrew Meneely
Examining the Relationship Between Security Metrics and User Ratings of Mobile Apps: A Case Study
Daniel E. Krutz, Nuthan Munaiah, Andrew Meneely and Samuel A. Malachowsky